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Eat like a king who’s on a budget
Three tasty options
Fries, drinks and nuggets
All for five bucks (wait, that can’t be right)
Just confirmed that that’s the real price

Two full meals, five-ninety-nine each
Whopper, royal crispy, two fries, two drinks
Double em’ up or mix and match
Whatever you want
We’re into that
Five dollar, your way
I rule this day
Nuggets, fries, drinks
Bar’s just been raised
And Whopper Jr, it’s something new
A barbeque bacon junior, just for you

Marinara, mozzarella
Look at this royal crispy fella
Sauce and cheese, crispy chicken
Italian Royal is what I’m pickin’

Chicken, chicken, chicken, chicken
Italian spicy bacon chickеn
Take one bite and it all starts clickin’
Crown up my day

Toasty bun and tasty royal saucе
Got me buzzin’, I’m the royal boss
Sauce it up and top it with mozz
Chicken my way

Whopper, whopper, whopper, whopper
Junior, double, triple whopper
Flame-grilled taste with perfect toppers
I rule this day
Lettuce, mayo, pickle, ketchup
It’s okay if I don’t want that
Impossible whole bacon whopper
Any whopper my way

You rule, you’re seizin’ the day
At BK, have it your way

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