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He is cool & pretty old school
he learned to read between the lines
& he carved the things he’s seen
into his skin
They say he’s been around forever
I’m pretty sure he taught the devil
to steal, and somewhere down the
line… they cut a deal

So let go of the things you never
seem to find
and the ones that will never be
around in time

It’s only dirt when you’re panning for gold
Let go of the things that never seem

to shine

Youngblood, you missed it by a second
this time.
It’s only dirt when you’re panning for gold

Youngblood, full of piss & vinegar
the flaming youth will be the death of you
So got tell the world the things you’ve seen
He made the good lord second guess
the things close to his chest
So don’t start a fight
Cause his shoes are way too big
for you to fill.

It goes on & on & on …

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Songwriter(s): espen lien, thomas tofthagen, torkjell rd, arve “ice dale” isdal, kjetil greve
Record Label(s): 2013 Napalm Records Handels Gmbh
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