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If you have a social problem
Prospects of success are slim
We just hope that you will telephone
Say ‘Hello; is Heinrich in?’

We will send a representative
Don’t be frightened when they call around
For they are all men of action
They will kick your front door down

You gotta concentrate on kink
In a concentration camp
All dressed up like little David
In a concentration camp

We get rid of foolish people
Brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts
Close relations and nosy neighbours
Cats and dogs and household plants

If you go along with the [????]
You can get a uniform for free
Shiny boots of soft black leather
Oh how proud your mum will be


Do what you wanna do, say what you wanna say
Lock ‘em up in prison, throw the key away
Now the ones who laughed at you, thought you were a clown
Will gamble fate against your hate, [throw them on the ground?]

Now’s the time to leave your wardrobe
Just forget your social events
Put it all out in the open
We could use your decadence


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